Traditional Thai Massage

The whole experience is done on a mat/low bed on the floor, while the receiver is fully clothed, wearing loose comfortable clothing. This is a form of energy medicine. It is a truly spiritual experience and is not unusual for people to fall asleep while receiving this wonderful form of relaxation through invigorating and intensely stimulating treatment. This type of massage is suitable for every person, from infant to great grandparent, hyperactive toddler to stressed parents. 
The weary traveller, the businessman or woman, the pregnant woman and the athlete. Every massage is adapted to suit the individual. Why is Thai massage considered as “The lazy mans yoga” ? – Because it helps stretch muscles and brings many benefits like going to a yoga class without any exertion. THAI MASSAGE is extremely helpful to relieve fatigue, muscular cramping and nervous tension . It increases flexibility, releasing both deep and superficial tension, helping the body’s natural energy to flow more freely.